My chat with Thin Lizzy drumming icon Brian Downey for Zildjian

Brian Downey

Pictured with Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy)

Brian Downey

LEGEND: Me and Brian Downey

You think of Thin Lizzy, you might first think of Phil Lynott. But music fans know there was far more than that. Here’s a link to a short piece with drummer Brian Downey, a founding member of one of Ireland’s most important bands.

Here’s a snippet…

Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy is a seminal icon the world over, but nowhere more so than where he was born and bred… in Dublin, Ireland. Being back on home turf, it was a real treat for both the man himself as well as his fans to be able to spend time talking and signing autographs. Hundreds turned out for the chance to meet the original member of Thin Lizzy. I had a good chat with him that went far beyond the world of drums!

Read the full piece here.

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