Talking influences and my career with


I did an interview in 2012 with where I go into my drumming history and the kind of music I was raised on, and much more. Here’s a bit of that chat…


Latitude Festival, UK, summer 2012 (picture: Conor Masterson)

‘The reason I started playing drums was because of my musical upbringing through my father Des, who was a jazz drummer. I was surrounded by music and jazz growing up. My father played in Dixieland and mainstream bands in Manchester before he moved back to Ireland to play the showband scene in the sixties which was playing covers material. I was brought up listening to drummers like Baby Dodds, Sonny Greer, Gene Krupa (pictured) and drummers like that, because of the Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke records which were played in the house most of the time. It was fantastic and I was so very fortunate.’

You can read the full interview on here.

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