In The Deep Shade: a bit about Conor Masterson’s Frames movie

In The Deep Shade

Here’s a trailer for Conor Masterson’s recent film which shows The Frames during our 20th anniversary shows, which took place in the States, throughout Europe, and finished in Dublin.

Conor told IFTN: “Tongue-in-cheek, at the very beginning of the process, I said jokingly I’ll only make the film if we can make that bit in Star, Star where all the music drops out and (bassist) Joe Doyle plays ‘Hotel Lounge’ — which is the colour piece in the film. For years they’ve done that and it’s one of the things they do very well as a live band. It’s really organic. They’ll stop playing one song, do a bit of another song and then back into another one. The moment when they do that is an incredibly powerful piece of music.”

You can read more of Conor’s interview on the film here at IFTN. In The Deep Shade is available now on DVD.


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