Tour essentials: What I can’t leave home without…

packing for tour

Tour packing

My Mac

Essential due to the insane amount of hanging around dressing rooms/venues/tour buses I do. So, I get to watch an enormous amount of movies and boxsets and check out lots of new music. Huzzah!

Eye mask and ear plugs

So I can go to sleep anywhere, anytime, with nothing or no one bothering me. Utterly essential when sharing a bus with 12 snoring men.

Lint roller

To lint off all the nitty gritty nonsense of little white specs, that do my head in, especially on darker clothing. I have been known to lint roll the entire band pre-gig. I know…I know…OCD-tastic.

Elizabeth Arden cream


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I get chapped lips while drumming from licking my lips so much, but now I’m addicted to it. Constantly lashing it on me smacker. Nice beard moisturiser too;)

Too many clothes

I find it hard to trust laundry facilities anywhere in the world. I usually like to over pack. As my good friend Ger says, ‘Better to be lookin’ at it, than lookin’ for it!’

Airwaves cherry chewing gum

Basically I can’t do a gig without it. My mouth gets all dry. I bring several packs from home before I go anywhere.

Barry’s Tea bags

This is where the fun begins and we have our Barry’s v Lyons challenges. For me I can only drink Barry’s so a new box is brought on tour, nestled snuggly under my jocks and socks in my suitcase. In fact, I usually bring as cuppa on stage with me.


To call family, friends, the world, and to email everybody about everything.

Coffee info

Info that will lead me to where the best coffee is while I’m on tour. But that’s separate info I can give you another time. I’m a total addict and a highlight of the touring day, apart from playing obviously, is checking out a city’s best coffee venues.

Too many toothbrushes

One can never have enough toothbrushes. I’m not ready to do a gig until my teeth are brushed. I usually have a brush and paste in most bags and pockets.