A celebration of Whelan’s anniversary with The Frames

Whelan's Live

The Frames recently played a one-off gig as part of Whelan’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

It was a packed house on Monday, June 30 with die-hard fans, friends and family present. The gig had sold out in two minutes — something that gave the band plenty of adrenaline for the night.

The show was full-on and thoroughly enjoyable as we rattled through about 33 songs, from the full Frames catalogue.

Whelan's Live

We were joined by pals such as Danny O’Reilly (The Coronas), Mundy, Lisa O’Neill, and The Lost Brothers to end the evening.

It was a great way to celebrate the link between The Frames and Whelan’s anniversary — and the venue’s reputation as the homestead for music in Dublin.

  • For more, see Dara Munnis’ pictures of the night here

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