Inside the brilliant C&C music factory…

C&C Drum Company

So, you’ll know that I love my C&C drums. Well, the new official C&C Custom Drum Company website is live and, drummer or not, I’d recommend you check it out.

It details all the necessary info about their custom kits and details how they go about handcrafting the instruments (such as my kit, below).

Graham Hopkins by Dave Kavanagh

Here’s a small piece from the site’s intro…

“C&C Drum Co is a small, independent company based in Gladstone, Missouri. We are comprised of musicians and craftsmen who share a common bond: the love of music. This bond connects us to our drums and the people who play them. We’ve never tried to be the flavor of the moment or cater to the latest whim. Our goal has always been to build something of lasting value. We are dedicated to making the best drums we possibly can—drums that will outlive us to become a legacy.”

  • Visit the C&C Drum Co site here and their artists’ page here