Updated: Full interview with me in Rhythm magazine

I recently did an interview for Rhythm magazine, with my good friend Louise King, where we chatted about all things drums — my influences, the acts I’ve played with, what I’m up to now, the gear I use, the drummers that have influenced me, and more. Here’s a snippet… “Being exposed to such a richContinue reading “Updated: Full interview with me in Rhythm magazine”

{audio} The Art of Drumming, me with Dave Fanning on 2fm

RTE Radio did a series on music where they looked at the art of music. This interview is with the brilliant Dave Fanning tackling the backbone of the band. He invited me on to talk influences, styles, unlikely heroes, and more. Everything from Chick Webb to Paul McCartney comes up. Have a listen.

Talking influences and my career with MikeDolbear.com

I did an interview in 2012 with MikeDolbear.com where I go into my drumming history and the kind of music I was raised on, and much more. Here’s a bit of that chat… ‘The reason I started playing drums was because of my musical upbringing through my father Des, who was a jazz drummer. I wasContinue reading “Talking influences and my career with MikeDolbear.com”

My chat with Thin Lizzy drumming icon Brian Downey for Zildjian

You think of Thin Lizzy, you might first think of Phil Lynott. But music fans know there was far more than that. Here’s a link to a short piece with drummer Brian Downey, a founding member of one of Ireland’s most important bands. Here’s a snippet… Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy is a seminal icon theContinue reading “My chat with Thin Lizzy drumming icon Brian Downey for Zildjian”