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Born and raised in Ireland to the sounds of Dixieland jazz, I’ve been playing drums since childhood. Currently, I’m busy playing with Glen Hansard, the Oscar-winning Swell Season and The Frames, amongst others. I’ve toured and recorded with a large variety of artists including Snow Patrol, Therapy? and Dolores O’Riordan. Welcome to my official website where you will find regular updates, gear porn, tour news, photos, videos and loads more.

Twitter: @graham_hopkins

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  1. Hi Graham. It was great sitting in with you the other night at the Bowery Club. In spite of my introduction I wasn’t really expecting to play, just hoping to hear some blues. But, it was a good bit of fun, so thanks for having me up. As I had my back to you (not my choice) I’m sure I missed some signals, and blowing harp through the PA system isn’t the best, but we did get a groove going all the same. Thanks again and I hope to see you at the Harbour Bar next Monday.
    David Whittredge,

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